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ChiroHealth of  Va offers a variety of styles and techniques of massage therapy, and will customize each session to achieve your individual wellness goals. You may also choose from the massage categories listed below.

PAMPERING & SYMPTOM SPECIFIC Massage Therapy Sessions 

–   May combine any two categories for 60 minute therapy sessions.   –

Head and Neck Tension Tamer Massage

Head and face massage focused on the scalp, facial pressure points, jaw, neck and shoulders for headache relief, TMJ pain, sinus pressure, and neck pain.

Posture Perfection Massage

Focused massages work on the major neck, shoulder, upper, and lower back postural muscles to help improve your postural appearance, relieve muscle fatigue, neck pain, and undo the damage of extended hours in front of a computer.

Carpal Comfort Therapy

Massage therapy on the hands, arms and neck  alleviate  carpal tunnel symptoms and other related problems such as golfer’s and tennis elbow.

Lumbar Support Therapy

Concentrated deep tissue massage therapy focused on the muscles of the lower back and hips.  This helps relieve chronic lower back pain that can often be associated with running or golfing fatigue.  Also good for relieving the lumbar pain associated with long stretches of sitting (often while in a car).

Runner’s Relief Therapy

Intensive massage therapy focusing mainly on the primary muscles that are uniquely targeted for running events (such as marathons) or any type of sport.  This massage therapy includes the all-important aspect of stretching and tissue stimulation, which helps with flexibility and speed recovery.

Prenatal Massage Therapy  (2nd & 3rd trimester only)

Pricing: Regular rate – $100 hr.

ChiroHealth Massage Club Rate: Only $14 per month. (membership month to month auto debit only)

Pay $55 hour for each massage at the time of service.

Gift Certificates Available.

Massage therapy may also be covered under your medical insurance policy, flexible spending plans, and health savings accounts.

We have provided high-quality chiropractic care to the entire Ashburn, VA area (including Leesburg, Sterling and Reston) since 1993. Call us today at (703) 777-1234 to schedule a massage therapy appointment today!

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