Could Whiplash Affect your Driving?

We are all aware of the painful effects that whiplash can cause. Patients come to our Ashburn office with wiplash pain and stiffness in their neck and shoulders, pain that radiates further down their back or arms and the inability to turn their head or have much mobility in their neck. You may be experiencing one or more of these symptoms.

Research studies show that whiplash injuries can cause a host of other problems as well – including having a negative effect on your ability to drive safely.  Studies also reveal that whiplash can also cause eye movement disorder, which has a profound impact on a driver’s ability to see, register and respond quickly and safely to things around them.

Eye movement disorder from whiplash can show itself mainly in an inability to respond quickly to traffic.  Steering ability and the capacity to respond quickly and accurately to both traffic signs and other drivers are all tied to eye movement disorder.  This eye problem, combined with neck stiffness from whiplash, can greatly hinder a person’s ability to drive safely.

These are all important considerations to discuss with your chiropractor if you have been involved in an accident that involved a whiplash injury.  Knowing which injuries to look for helps your chiropractor correct those injuries quickly so that other people’s lives aren’t affected by a driving mistake you could make.  Whiplash is not something to be taken lightly.  Why not make an appointment with a trusted and reliable chiropracter in Ashburn, VA, Loudoun County or  in your area? The problems can be corrected, and your life can become normal again.





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