What Good Is a Chiropractor Anyway? – Part 1

Good question.  Many, people go their whole lives without ever stepping foot into a chiropractor’s office.  So it’s a valid question – “What good is a chiropractor, anyway?”

Since this post is coming from a chiropracter’s office in Ashburn, VA, why don’t we step back for a minute and look at the benefits that thousands of people over the years have found in chiropractic care:

  • Many patients who have lived with pain for a long time or most of their life have finally been able to manage their pain, and even live completely pain-free because of the care they have received through a chiropractor.
  • Patients have been able to save money in the long run from the expensive alternatives of drugs and surgery.
  • They have found that they were able to deal with the actual cause of the pain and not cover it up (as drugs often do), and all without the costly down-time of recovering after some type of invasive surgery.

Let’s talk through some of the specific ways that regular visits to your chiropractor can be of value to your overall health.

Got Pain? We Can Help!
Most people think of a chiropractor when it comes to back pain.  Our Ashburn and Loudoun County patients have relief from stubborn, often debilitating back pain over the past 18 years.  Chiropractic care can also be extremely beneficial to treating all types of neck pain and stiffness caused by fatigue, stress or injury.

Most people don’t realize that their chiropractor can also help treat the severe pain of arthritis.  We understand that arthritis can strike people of any age, and it can have a severe and negative impact on their life.  No longer do arthritis sufferers simply have to live with their pain and rely on strong doses of medicine to mask some of its symptoms.  Under the care of a chiropracter, people from Ashburn and Loudoun County can experience a pain-free and normal life in spite of arthritis!

Many times, back and neck pain can lead to additional pain in the knees, legs and feet.  Overall, when your back hurts, no part of your body really feels that great.  Once pressure is relieved in the spine area through chiropractic care, you can experience a reduction of pain in all areas.

Muscle stiffness and spasms often accompany back and neck pain.  With good care from a experienced chiropractor, these symptoms can be reduced, allowing you better movement and range of motion.  Overall, with time and treatment, many of the pains and stiffness that you experience can be eliminated completely.

Need Additional Healing?
Chiropractors have an astounding success rate with treating patients who have been involved in some type of accident or experienced an injury in sports or other activities. They have helped countless patients heal much faster after an injury or accident than those who rely on traditional medicine, which often simply masks the pain.  Once the pressure that surrounds an injury is relieved, the body can more effectively begin its own healing process.  Some patients even experience relief immediately as their joints are adjusted back to their normal and healthy positions.

It is important for you to know that it is normal to sometimes experience some initial discomfort after your first few visits to a chiropractor – especially after an accident or injury has left your body stressed.  This is usually minimal and will pass relatively quickly as your body adjusts back to its correct position.  Chiropractic care can be a wonderful reinforcement to your body’s amazing ability to heal.

There are so many more benefits of chiropractic care that could be covered – in fact, the possibilities are almost endless!  In my next post, I will cover more of these incredible benefits.  What good is a chiropractor, anyway?  Hopefully I am helping answer this question.  Why not make an appointment with a trusted and reliable chiropracter in Ashburn, VA, Loudoun County or  in your area? Experience the answer for yourself!



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